Video about David's appearance at the
Portland Book Festival
as a keynote panelist and speaking about
  discrimination and multi-ethnic families. 

Public Speaking

David's book, This Is US: The New All-American Family, was excerpted in Reader's  Digest worldwide -17 million copies in 21 languages.

Meet the Marin family...

Keynote speaker, keynote panelist, child welfare conferences,

workshops, and seminars for non-profits, business,
Social Services, book clubs, and university courses. 


"I loved your talk and keep thinking about it. Thanks for sharing the story of your family."
Honorable William Parkhurst, Juvenile Court Judge, Kane County (Chicago)  

"Powerful...from the heart.
I wish there were more people like you in our world."
Gloria Bunce, Executive Director, Kane County (Chicago) CASA

"Rave reviews from all...
As much as you have given to your children, I can tell they give you much, much more."
Deb McQuaid, Director of Advocate Education, Kane County (Chicago) CASA

"Tonight was our best fund-raiser ever.
Better than Casino Night; better than Murder Mystery, anything we've tried. Wow."
New Mexico State Representative Doreen Gallegos, the Executive Director of Mesilla Valley CASA. The evening consisted of a silent auction, dinner, and my speech, followed by a live auction.

"Powerful; thoughtful. It was perfect..."

Jeri Delys, Executive Director, CASA of Missoula

"Thanks, David. You came to us as a gift... Some things are meant to be."
Jennifer Mylenek, Executive Director, CASA of Jackson County Oregon

CASA Continuing Education podcast:

"I have hosted over 400 author events for Vroman's bookstore and David's presentation is in the top 1% of all the authors that I have hosted.  He is so humble, straight-forward, and never talks down to the audience.  When he talks about his experience adopting his three wonderful children it is from the viewpoint of what great gifts his children are to him.  He normalizes the challenges that adoptive parents face and exquisitely expresses the joy, fun and love that he has been so fortunate to receive and give.  I could tell by some of the questions that the audience asked that his positive attitude toward adoption was both contagious and empowering.  I was definitely not the only person in the audience with tears in their eyes!  David and his three children are the kind of people who restore your faith in humanity.  All parents can learn from David the great art of calling forth the best that is within our children."
Connie Kalter, Events Host at Vroman's Bookstore
Vroman's is southern California's largest and oldest independently owned bookstore.

"We have received such wonderful feedback from your speech... we've received several requests to bring you back next year! Thank you SO MUCH for contacting us and being willing to make the trip. We would be more than happy to provide a recommendation!"
Erin Carpenter, Development Manager, CASA of Jackson County Oregon

"Are there speakers more engaging and witty than David Marin when he talks about his book? If so, I haven't met them. David doesn't just speak, he inspires."
Jessica O'Dwyer, author of Mamalita

"It was such a pleasure to meet you and what an outstanding presentation. We have received such amazing feedback from our guests and CASA staff. Thank you again and we would love to use your talents for future events."
David Sigman, Development Manager, CASA Santa Barbara. I was the keynote speaker - rewarded with a standing ovation at a great event. And, they've hired me to be the keynote speaker at their next event.

"David tells an incredible story with passion and humor - keeping the audience engaged on an emotional roller coaster. The entire audience loved it. His story has a different twist, something different than you may think. Personal; funny; on point; and it moves quickly. And, we blew by our goal, raising about $20k more than expected! A great job."
Pete Scudder, Chairman of the Board, Monterey County CASA.

"David was a big hit. I recommend him strongly. As a single dad of three kids adopted from foster care he is a great advocate and a fun speaker, too."
Linda Fosler, ED of CASA Monterey (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
I was the keynote speaker at their annual fund-raiser.

"David Marin gave one of the best author talks we've seen at Gallery Bookshop. 
He was polished yet casual, informative, and inspiring. I'd already read the book, and his presentation made me want to read it all over again!"
Christie Olson Day, owner of Mendocino Books
I am an award-winning, Toastmasters trained public speaker comfortable in front of small and large audiences. I spoke to two groups of 700 high school students (!) at the Carmel Authors and Ideas Festival, was a presenter and keynote panelist at the Portland Book Festival, and I speak at annual fund-raisers for CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates. A typical speech is 20-40 minutes and then questions. I can tailor a speech to your desired topic(s). Examples:

Meeting my children:
Delight; the robbers and aftershocks.
Parenting Tips! With less parenting experience than some small mammals, I took in three kids in one day - now three teens!!
Fun, and serious, parenting tips about TV use, social media, and teens and drugs.
Social services reform: Focusing on children instead of adults. 
Discrimination: A pale redhead with three Hispanic children doesn't move freely through the world. A Facebook poster, for example, wrote that I should send my kids, "back to Mexico." My kids have never been to Mexico.
Adoption and foster care.
- About five women per child in foster care say they'd adopt them. Why don't they?
- The effects of prolonged stays in multiple foster homes.
The Dream Act and immigration reform.  Hope and opportunity.
Schools. Best practices; mandated reporting for bullying.
Kids and drugs.
Marijuana legalization; starter drugs leading to...
Juvenile delinquency and crime. 

AV Requirements: A digital projector, screen, and podium microphone are preferable.

Logistics: I reside near San Jose, California. 

Please call or e-mail for availability: 408-612-1754.

Fee based on audience size with a discount to non-profits. Fee and travel expenses (including a car, if necessary), are due on signing of agreement; with hotel covered by client. A regular hotel and cheap airline seat are fine. I'm low maintenance...

Literary Events, Writer's Workshops, College Courses, Schools, Communities, and Library Programs:
I'm represented by Books in Common. They're great and fun to work with.